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There are a wide variety of ways to support our picking up drinks for an event, running a committee, coming to a meeting, or being there to supervise at a class party.

Just pick one thing!

**Sign ups for individual events may be found on that event's page**


2019 Trivia Night Committee

The AGS/EC PTO is Changing and Growing!


Several of our board members are aging out of the AGS community, while others are moving on to other projects. Don't worry, most of us will still be around in some capacity to assist in the transition! Our goal for next year and beyond is to host MORE people across the organization with LESS responsibilities for each. So if you've ever considered taking a more hands-on approach at your kids school, NOW is the BEST time!


Check out the this chart as you consider whether you'd like to be a leader (directing part of the PTO board) or an organizer (planning a piece that falls under the PTO board).

Below is a list of committee chairs needed to make sure we continue with our events into the next school year. Please email Heather Kwitschau at to get on board!

Great Gator Fun Run: Fall 2020

Commitment: The Great Gator Fun Run is both a fundraiser for AGS/EC PTO and an encouragement in keeping our students active! This past year we used Boosterthon for facilitating the event and added a character building component; you may choose to facilitate with another company or your own team. This event may also be run in partnership with our Director of Ways & Means on the PTO board as assistance in collecting local business sponsorships. Our students love pushing themselves through the laps and our wonderful teachers donate some fantastic raffle prizes each year. We ask that any event planning committee have at least 2 volunteers leading.

Book Fair: November 2020

Commitment: Book Fair committee works in conjunction with Mrs Ashby (LRC Director) to learn Scholastic's system and recruit volunteers for a 4 day event. The book fair typically holds one night of evening hours and for a short period of time after school one day during the week. Otherwise, most volunteer slots will happen during daytime hours. The Friday before and after the fair would cover set-up and tear-down.

Sock Hop Dance: January 2021

Commitment: You’re essentially planning a fun party for our school. This has historically been a Sock Hop theme, but feel free to change up the name/theme. Line up a DJ, a small concession for snacks and decorate! You’ll be given documents and budget planning from the previous year and support from PTO to help recruit volunteers. We suggest having at least 2 volunteers planning.


Fun Fair: February 2021

Commitment: Join a team and have some fun planning one of our favorite events of the year! You’ll join be part of the decision-making that goes into the Games, Raffles, Prizes, Inflatables, Concession Stand and Bake Sale. The committee typically splits assignments so everyone can take a smaller piece and work at their leisure, then meets monthly until the event.

Gus Board & Signage: throughout the year

Commitment: We have a great mascot that is in need of some love and care! Gus has had to come indoors, awaiting some plastic surgery. There is also a fantastic stash of signs a previous member prepped for Gus to hold to promote various events. Your commitment here is to just take care of our friend and make sure he's telling everyone about what's coming up!


Community Events: throughout the year

Sometimes we just want to get out and have fun together! We are in search of a coordinator to set some park playdates, game night, meet-ups, wherever you hope to meet new friends! No volunteer recruiting, no decorating.





I’d like to gather some friends and start a new fundraiser or free event at AGS!

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