The First Annual Mike Park Fun Run

The annual Fun Run has been dedicated to our beloved P.E. teacher, wig wearer, and everywhere helper, Mike Park.  The Fun Run will be held December 15 after school in the school gymnasium.  Volunteer here

Invite friends and family to donate to the AGS/EC PTO.

Your student will have the opportunity to earn SpiritWear

vouchers for their fundraising efforts, as well.

Fundraising helps pay for: 

  • Supplies & Celebrations (Tools for Students)

  • Curriculum Support (Tools for Teachers)

  • School Assemblies (Fun for Everyone)


Watch your email for an invitation to your student’s personal fundraising link with 99Pledges. (They set up and host our event online for FREE!) You can even choose to update your student’s fundraising page with a picture of them.


  1. How can my student participate in fundraising? 


You will receive a personal link in a separate email from 99Pledges to share with family, friends, and anyone who would like to contribute to our amazing school community. If you haven’t seen this email, make sure to check your spam filter. If you still don’t have it, email Or go to to set-up a link for your student.

  2.  Can my student accept cash/checks for fundraising?


Absolutely! Checks need to be made out to “AGS PTO”. Both cash and checks can be sent to the school office with your student’s name (so we know who to give credit to) and address the envelope to “2022 Fun Run”. 

  3.  How do the students win prizes? 


Invite your friends and family to support our school community using your student’s Fun Run fundraising link. Your child can earn SpiritWear based on the prize level they reach. Your student will earn SpiritWear for the school (AGS or EC) they attend.

  4.  What if my student would prefer to raise money and not earn SpiritWear?


We appreciate any and all levels of participation in this event. If you would also like to cut the costs of this event you may opt-out of receiving SpiritWear prizes. To do this, simply fundraise using the following links. 



 For additional information or questions reach out to us on Facebook or email